RTC Cleaning

Rail Tank Car Cleaning
(station Shkirotava, Riga, Latvia)

Preparation of rail tank cars for:

  • loading and repair,
  • RTC’s outside surface washing/cleaning,
  • preparation RTC from oil,
  • preparation RTC for loading the food product.

Preparation of RTC’s for filling oil and repairs, including for filling high-quality fuels and food goods, scheduled repair, exterior washing of tanks, washing and steaming of tank trucks.

RTC Cleaning is located in Riga in the industrial zone at a distance of 3 km from the station Shkirotava.
Main large equipment – overpass for washing and steaming RTC’s, wastewater treatment plant, reservoirs dehydration oil, pumping stations, mobile high pressure washers for outside RTC’s cleaning.

Planned further enterprise development strategy aimed at reducing material, fuel and energy resources in implementing technological process . Preparation of RTC’s for filling oil and repairs, including through implementation of innovation policy – the introduction of new energy-efficient appliances and equipment, and to provide safe working conditions, compliance with environmental regulations, improving the quality of RTC’s treatment for loading high-quality products possible.
In the near future construction of a processing liquid, semi-liquid and solid sludge produced in RTC’s treatment.